Lena & Eugene Simine


Dear Sir and Madam,

It is our pleasure to comment on Eli Schwarz’s performance as our wedding planner.

Eli was very helpful and took up all arrangements on himself. He found a caterer according to our budget – which required a good deal of researching, as we needed kosher, yet affordable catering. He directed us to a great deal on wine, helped with choosing groom’s suit and bride’s dress, and kept our attention on things which still needed to be done.

Most importantly, on the day of our wedding he helped us run the entire event smoothly, making everyone feel at ease, spreading cheer among the staff and our guests.

Indeed, it was a great relief to have someone as trustworthy and willing to make the best event possible as Eli. Without a shadow of a doubt we would recommend him as an event planner.

Natalie & Gregory Zinc

 It was a very wise decision to hire Eli as our wedding planner-it allowed us to enjoy all the details throughout Chuppah and reception. We could worry about dancing all night instead of all the little details. Our advice to anyone planning a wedding would be that your entire experience leading up to the wedding and the big day itself will be so much more enjoyable with Eli as your wedding planner. 

Tanya and Alex Komov

 We have had a great time at our Wedding Ceremony followed by a cocktail /hors d’oeuvres /dance party which was a real bash for us and all our guests. A significant part in planning and organizing of this special day was carried-out smoothly thanks to Eli’s professional guidance and attentive involvement in every aspect of the preparation and the event itself.
We want to specifically thank Eli for the great music selection he provided which allowed us to compile a best-ever Wedding Songs collection including Classical, Easy-listening and pop Love songs, as well as Disco dancing music.
Another great pleasure, our flower bouquets and arrangements, -those were also picked and purchased with Eli’s thoughtful recommendations.
And on top of all, an awesome Photo session that Eli covered himself for us and our guests for the whole evening truly exceeded our expectations. 

William & Carrie Goldberg

Personally speaking, I wish we had hired Eli long before this time, as there would have been less st

  Personally speaking, I wish we had hired Eli long before this time, as there would have been less stress upon the to-be-bride. Yet my fiance and I also enjoyed custom designing our own ceremony. For the logistics of carrying it all out, however, we could have sooner placed it into the capable hands of Eli.

He is a good friend, meeting with us before and after our big day. His eagerness to come to our aid for the that day, at a price we could afford, was a huge blessing. Eli was there for our rehearsal 1-4pm two days prior, then from noon to 5pm on Sept 17th.

That day amidst all the happenings, we recall Eli reliably running about, pitch hitting wherever needed. He filled our helium balloons, provided back-up photography, picked up our coffee urns, and was even ready to fill in as licensed wine server when at first our designated one could not be located!

Clearly we saw Eli enjoyed being with us and our guests. He is very personable and professional. We recommend his services for your upcoming wedding.