Step 1: Free consultation
– I come to you and I learn about your needs. While a lot of wedding planners talk, I listen to discover what would make your event perfect for you.
Step 2: Wedding proposition
– Working with the budget you set, I will show you what your special day will be like. This is where I will break down the costs for you to the penny, so you will never run into surprise costs.  This step is also where you sign a contract with us.
Step 3: Visitation
– When we visit the prospective service providers, I will be there to consult, guide and advise you in every way, to make things easy for you. When I work with you, I am available to you at all times.
Step 4: Agreements
– This is when you choose your service providers, and enter an agreement with them. I will be there to protect you agains any surprises.
Step 5: The Wedding
– From the beginning to the end of the day, I will be there to relieve you of your stress, and to ensure that your event goes smoothly and according to plan.