Hello, my name is Eli. As far back as I can remember, I have loved weddings. I can recall as a child attending my first wedding, I was filled with questions. I learned about the meaning of life and the joy of two people joining together as one. Every wedding I have ever attended, I sat in anticipation awaiting the beautiful elements of the ceremony, and have learned a tremendous amount about what works, and how to plan and execute a tremendous wedding. As a certified wedding planner with a diploma from QC Event School, you can count on me to put together a great evening. Together we will make your dreams come true.

Why should you hire me?

  • I have a very good relationship with Vendors/ Suppliers in the GTA
  • I will be working with you, and for you, to accommodate every one of your needs
  • I am a hard worker, looking over every detail
  • I am a very dedicated person
  • I am very creative
  • Perfoming all Religions ceremonies
  • Destination weddings

I have overĀ 200 people in my professional rolodex, which means I will connect you with everyone you need to know as we plan your wedding

priests, rabies
bands, DJ’s , singers
venues, locations
clothing, rentals and designers
transportation – limos, busses
printers for pictures and invitations
videographers and photographers
wedding favours

…and a lot more!